HCP Diagnostics provides a mobile approach to COVID-19 diagnostic PCR testing and support

If you have been potentially exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 visit the Ministry of Health site, take the self-assessment and follow their instructions. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or severe symptoms call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately.

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HCP Diagnostics is a group of registered Health Care Professionals that provide mobile COVID-19 support and testing for workplaces.  We perform diagnostic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that are processed by an accredited lab and overseen by a physician.

Is COVID-19 testing a prerequisite for your staff to return to work?  Does your company require workplace screening?  Do members of your team need to engage in essential cross-border or air travel?  Do you have questions on how to return to work safely? 


HCP Diagnostics can come to your place of work to administer diagnostic testing and can provide COVID-19 support services on an ongoing basis.


Our mission is to help in the fight against COVID-19, by providing workplace testing and support to help keep Canadians healthy and the economy moving forward.

The health and safety of each and every person in this province must remain the first priority.

Workplace Screening                  

Border Crossing,

Essential Travel,

Air Travel

Sports Teams

TV or Film Production

Work Settings where physical 

distancing may

be a challenge


Should COVID-19 testing be an essential part of your back to work plan, our mobile nursing team will come to your workplace to efficiently administer bilateral nasal diagnostic PCR COVID-19 tests.


Samples are processed by an accredited lab and all results will be reviewed by an Ontario licensed physician. Your team will receive their results directly in approximately 24-72 hours. Positive cases are forwarded to Public Health as required by law and workplace case management can be provided by our physician.

Our COVID support team can work with your business to identify and address COVID related concerns and roadblocks.

Our services are by appointment only. 


Please contact us for all inquiries and to receive a quote.

**Please note, none of the costs associated with our services are publicly funded**


Your comfort and safety are very important to us.

Here's what HCP Diagnostics is doing to help protect you and your team throughout our testing process. 



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HCP Diagnostics is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and can provide services across the province. Additional travel fees may apply.

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