Our mobile nursing team will come to your team, school or workplace for  PCR COVID-19 testing.

You can book our team of registered professionals on a scheduled re-ocurring basis, or just once. 

Our COVID support team can work with your business of any size to identify and address COVID related concerns and roadblocks.

Positive case management can be provided by our physician.


Receive COVID-19 PCR testing documentation required for outbound international air and cross-border travel.

*** RUSH testing available with one of our Ontario lab partners- 12 - 16 hours ***


Our documentation has been accepted everywhere our clients have travelled (Europe, Central America, South America, Caribbean, United Emirates, Asia, etc)



Our medical team has been working with film and productions since March 2020.

Our team is able to swiftly adapt to last minute changing schedules and will travel all over Ontario for on location testing.

You can book our team of registered professionals on a scheduled re-occurring basis, or just once. 


Asymptomatic testing, for those that do not qualify for testing at a pharmacy or an assessment centre.

If you have been potentially exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 visit the Ministry of Health site, take the self-assessment and follow their instructions. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or severe symptoms call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately.


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HCP Diagnostics is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and can provide services across the province. Additional travel fees may apply.

Our services are by appointment only. 

Please contact us for all inquiries and to receive a quote.

Please note, none of the costs associated with our services are publicly funded

Positive cases are forwarded to Public Health as required by law.

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